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for AI adventurers interested to see next-gen technologies practically applied – in a real-life, high-stakes commercial context – to culture's most beloved artforms: storytelling & books.

I'm obsessed with the whole publishing workflow from
β€’ Lush design  πŸŽ¨
β€’ To #booktok marketing trailers  πŸŽ₯
β€’ To obsessive, perfectionist rewrites  πŸ€“
β€’ & getting on the Amazon bestseller list  πŸ“ˆ

How can AI enhance our creative powers, so we become: 
β€’ Our own marketing studios?
β€’ Our own worldclass publishing houses?
β€’ Our own bosses?
 What is the future of excellence with the longform written word & the way we present it to the world??

Let's find out!

Let's explore the new world of exponential technologies to help us make books with impact!