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As a creative flow enthusiast, I believe access to flow states (for euphoric vibes & peak performance) is your strongest way to slay the dragon of Resistance, stalk creative mastery, & wield the meaningful, high-vibe life you know you're meant to live.

What I do

Access Flow State For the Win

Do these ring a bell:

  • You're skilled, but not realizing potential?
  • You have 1m ideas, but procrastinate on what matters most?
  • You're a talented, high achiever, but exhausted & not "doing what you came here for"?
  • You wanna feel excited about the future, but feel shame & burnout instead?
  • You're hungry to break free, ditch the rut, forge your own path?
  • You're ready for work that sets you alight  πŸ”₯ & makes you stand tall?

If any of these rings true, I'm right there with you: Resistance is a bitch. As a flow enthusiast, I help you gain some redemption from this hellscape (listed above), so you can bust free of ruts & break into 'the zone' where you learn to access flow states on demand.

What even is Flow?


Flow is the antidote to Resistance. It's a state of consciousness where we feel our best & perform our best. Time disappears because you're hyperfocused on the task at hand. Hesitancy & procrastination evaporates as awareness & decisive actions merge. Psychologists & neuroscientists are fascinated by flow because it's the inverse of mental illness, the marker of a meaningful life, & it sends productivity & creativity through the roof. Training in flow means training creative, productive power & (in my experience) it's the secret weapon for smashing Resistance.


In flow state, our cocktail of brain chemicals feels amazing. Here's what we get:
πŸ§ͺ Seratonin - a bit like ecstacy
πŸ§ͺ Endorphins - a bit like heroin
πŸ§ͺ Dopamine - a bit like coffee
πŸ§ͺ Anandamide - a bit like marijuana
πŸ§ͺ Norepinephrine - a bit like tobacco

This is what intrinsic motivation really means: In flow state, the work at hand is so rewarding (via our internal chemistry) that there's nowhere else we'd rather be. Resistance has no power over us. Life is worth living. Our actions matter. Work becomes play.


Research by McKinsey & Co. shows a 500% increase in productivity among executives in flow state. 

DARPA (the US military's research agency) showed a 490% increase in learning speed for sniper soldiers in flow state.

My experience? Having trained in flow, I accomplish more in a day than I once did in a month, & it feels great.


A study by Flow Genome Project showed an outlandish 700% increase in creativity during flow state. & research out of Harvard shows high creativity persists even the day after flow.

My experience? Learning to access flow trumps Resistance & restores that playful, all-powerful, adventurous spirit of creativity I felt in childhood. Man, I missed that feeling!  πŸ˜† ✨

wAIt, but-

What is Resistance?

Steven Pressfield in his book War of Art describes the primal force inside us that blocks our work. Wanna start a business? Write a book? Get lean & strong? If it's hard, & it matters, & puts you 'on the hook', Resistance is the weasely voice inside that says, 'No, not today. Maybe tomorrow.'

Resistance is our lethal psychological enemy. It's the Wild Beast Within that each of us must fight. Pressfield says it's evil. My take? It's biology. Our brain's built to conserve energy. Our most daring, ambitious projects? They demand everything we've got. It's no wonder the mind puts up a wall.

Mastering flow builds intrinsic motivation that breaks through that wall. Instead of drawing on willpower, hustle & grit (which quickly run dry), flow training schools our brain that deep reward lies on the far side of Resistance. Flow mastery slays our demons & fights creative angst through deep, euphoric engagement.


I train with Flow Research Collective to master the psychology & neuroscience to help you enter flow state at will.


I mentor for Building a Second Brain (digital tools experts) to leverage the power of tech to enhance your productivity.


I distill complex knowledge into simple tools to supercharge your creative work & entrepreneurship.

why I do it

I’ve Been There

Creativity is hard. So's running a business. Self-doubt's relentless. Imposter syndrome sucks. Resistance is a bitch.

I've spent decades as a creative, entrepreneurial wannabe working jobs I didn't love to pay for vices I definitely didn't want to need. I've procrastinated from one New Year's Day right through to the next. I've made ugly mistakes I'm not proud of.

But d'you know what? Flow has always been what's happening when things go right. Only since I've doubled down on deep flow practice have things gained momentum in my life.

I Want You to Trust Yourself

  • I have confidence to start my 1st YouTube channel because I trust my mind to manufacture inspiration on the fly.
  • I can take on a job + freelance side hustles cuz I know how to map flow into spare pockets of time.
  • I can dream big because I have faith in my system of deep work to see things through.

I want these things for you.    πŸ’–

Understanding the biology behind flow changed how I work, & restored vitality to my creative practice. My goal? Pay it forward. So please, add yourself to The Creative Flow Project waitlist & you'll be the first to know when I've got stuff to share.


What My Heroes Say

Black and white headshot of steven pressfield not smiling

steven pressfield

It's better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot.

Black & white headshot of Seth Godin wearing tie, suit & glasses


The only choice we have is to begin. And the only place to begin is where we are. Simply begin. But begin.

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The litmus test for whether or not I want to take on a role or not is usually fear. If I'm afraid of it, I want to do it. 

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People who feel they've the most meaning in their lives have the most flow in their lives.





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We Have Two Lives.

1.The Life We Live.     2.The Unlived Life Within.
"Between the Two Stands Resistance" - Steven Pressfield

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