I Help You 

Finish Your Bestselling Book πŸš€ 

In the old days, publishers helped authors make a messy first draft into the best book it could be.  πŸ“ˆβ€¨β€¨

Imagine a developmental editor to write new paragraph suggestions & offer carefully crafted choices designed to deepen the impact of your work.

Imagine a marketing team to position your book in the hearts of readers.

Sadly, those days are mostly gone. 

Now, you’re on your own with your first draft. Overwhelmed. πŸ˜“ 

But you don’t have to be!

Writers I Meet Feel Stuck πŸ˜“ 

They know there’s immense potential in their manuscript, but they can’t drag it past the finish line.

Some things don’t quite work, whether on a macro-structural level or micro-sentence level, but damnit – when you've been writing something forever, sometimes you're too close to it & can’t see the solution

Hell, sometimes you're just over it – & wish you could hand the whole project off to some kind of professional book wizard who can artfully finish it off.

Also, just THINKING about making time for the publishing process, in all its fiddly complexity, can make you want to curl into a ball. 

I get that. 

It’s a lot. 


My Job is to Bring New Enthusiasm ✨

I work closely with authors to help them gain perspective & clarity.

I offer detailed feedback & ghostwrite sample paragraphs, showcasing different options for how you can enhance your work.

What’s the use of me TELLING you how to solve a niggly writing problem, when I can SHOW you?

I offer written examples for you to choose from and either build upon, with your own imagination, or have me execute for you – taking your book 100% across the finish line.  πŸ†

You can give me your draft, & I can make it beautiful – & finished. πŸ˜‡

I Don't Just Help Finish the Writing

I also:
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✨ Do the Final COPYEDIT Polish

– so your book is fully COMPLETE & ready to publish! πŸ–¨οΈ

πŸ“– Design a gorgeous LAYOUT for your book

– so it’s a pleasure to physically read πŸ˜„


– to surprise & delight readers, while complementing the text  βœ¨

πŸ“• Generate beautiful COVERS

– to entice readers & amplify the book’s meaning πŸ”Š

🧭 Navigate the UPLOAD process – to Amazon & Beyond (Via Ingram Spark)

– ensuring wide distribution in both ebook & paperback πŸ“ˆ

πŸŽ₯ Record Marketing VIDEOS

– to launch your book on socials πŸš€

πŸͺ„ Work techie MAGIC with category selection

– to get your book on the Amazon BESTSELLER list! πŸ₯‡


Finished Manuscript

Smooth your path to the best possible final draft, with support from an award-winning wordsmith.

Gorgeous Design

Make your book a delight to read with layout, cover & illustrations that enhance the text. 

Bestselling Book

With marketing videos & techie magic, we make your book an Amazon bestseller. 


Enjoying Ourselves Along the Way

Finishing your book is hard, but it needn’t be lonely.

It can be a collaborative adventure – undertaken via asyncronous comms, of course, as is only civilized (nobody wants to spend life in an infinite loop of Zoom meetings). 

Speaking of asyncronous messages, on Wednesday, I got a lovely WhatsApp voice note from my current client about the intro I wrote for her book:



First-time Author

β€œOmigod, Anna, it’s wonderful, as always. You made me cry!” πŸ₯Ή

gold, pink, blue, green, detailed illustration of longshot of astronaut riding an alicorn winged unicorn across a rainbow in space, neon pastel nebula colours --ar 1:1 --stylize 50 Job ID: b5520365-9129-41d2-b978-4f8080a78182


What My Past Clients Say




Founder of The Ixchel System

β€œAnna’s heart & soul went into creating the best version my book could have been & helped to get it No.1 Bestseller on the day of its release.  πŸ₯‡

β€œI cannot recommend her highly enough.”



Entrepreneur | Coach | Consultant

β€œI love working with Anna. She's been editing my writings, helped me define my writing style, and develop it. She comes up with various editing suggestions so I can choose what fits me best. Most importantly, she always explains the reasoning behind her comments, usually in her own style, which always makes me want to smile and convinces me most of the time. 

β€œAnna, thanks to her business acumen, regularly comes up with meaningful questions or comments that push me to ultimately enhance the quality of my delivery. For all these reasons and Anna’s sparky sense of humour, I strongly recommend working with her.”  πŸ’–


Message Me Below πŸ‘‡

If you’ve got the bones of a good book, but you need a sort of silent writing partner to help you develop the text  (& later, the aesthetic object) into THE BEST BOOK IT CAN BE, then send me a message below to say hi.

What's your book about? Send me a sample! πŸ€“

I'll give you a partial edit for free – with no obligation to buy – & if you decide to hire me as a collaborator, we can always work together on standalone book-editing first, before you decide how you want to publish – since that's a big decision!

I’m rammed with client work, just now – but I have a waiting list – & I would love to hear about your book anyway, so we can geek out about writing & publishing. I actively seek more creative friends.

Note that, if we do work together someday, it will be with you as the sole independent, self-published author – you will keep 100% of your copyright, by-line & sales profits.

After all, you've done the bulk of the work & any of my contributions are written in your voice, to realise your vision.

By the way, this is how it should be.  😊 Authors first. βœŠβ€¨β€¨ Not writers surrendering rights & royalties to corporations. IMHO.

Welcome to the future of publishing. πŸ“š ✨ πŸ“ˆ