On a Mission to Master Creative AI & Document my Journey to Tell Better Stories

I'm obsessed with AI for art, video & story. Excited to share tutorials & creator interviews with you as together we discover wonderful artists in this space &  level-up our creativity to pioneer new workflows & explore the next generation of stories. 
Let's make this AI creator revolution happen!

How does it feel when you sit down to write, art or entrepreneur? Is there a battle with procrastination & distraction? I share stories, tactics & insights to help you fight Resistance, level-up creative power, feel good in your work, & get more flow back in your life. Let's do this!

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About Anna.

I'm a freelance writer, video maker & AI nerd based out of Derry, Northern Ireland. Folks pay me for everything from web design, editing, photography & illustration to writing, video & storytelling  ← but it's those last 3 I love the most!  πŸ’–

I trained in flow science & peak performance at the Flow Research Collective – & mentored students on the Building a Second Brain course (for digital productivity).

In 2020, I cofounded EdTech startup PracticeNow with some friends (but it didn't work out πŸ˜…). Before that, I won The Thinking Woman's Writing Award in 2018. And nabbed the NUS Green Impact Environmental Hero Award twice. 

But honestly, that's just the surface BS that goes on Instagram! 

Underneath the 1st class writing degree & a couple accolades... beats the filthy, rotten heart of a procrastinator.  πŸ˜†


I'm Inconsistent.

Sure, I've shipped work for freelance clients. On spec. On time. But I've also done my share of dire McJobs (cleaner, admin, call centre agent).

And when it comes to shipping indie projects of my heart's desire?

I drop the ball. I don't show up for myself.

And for so many of my creative friends, I hear the same story. Somehow, our indie art that matters most to us β€” gets left till last!

What's that about?!

Why is it easier to design a client website (or take a crappy job) than write that sci-fi novel, or make the animation of our dreams?

Honestly, I think this question - of how to reconcile our deepest dreams with waking life - is the one that matters most of all!

My Future Sci-Fi Novel (the Book Cover)? Made with Midjourney AI.

I Don't Have Answers.

But I do have a plan. A way to live the questions. & it's working.πŸ’ͺ

quit my job to write full-time & make videos. I work into the wee hours to find my flow (keyboard clicking away in the dark πŸ˜…).

I've got systems now that let me know I'm on track – & what's the goal? 

At 1st, it was to become a full-time creator in 2023 – & I did it! No more corporate. No more McJobs. 

I serve my people now - fellow creators & entrepreneurs - & I'm finally make my living from the creative work that fires my soul.  πŸŽ‰

So what's next??

My Future Fantasy Novel (the Book Cover)? Made with Midjourney AI.


Bring Stories to Life

Using my understanding of creative flow states, I seem able to work long hours without burning out. 

By day, I do my writing & video freelancing.

By night, I study the beautiful films AI artists are making all over the world.  πŸ₯° Step by step, I wanna explore the new worlds of creativity that are open to use via the sorcery of AI.

The great challenge to every creator has always been finding time to do our own imaginative work.

But now, with AI-enhanced workflows, we all have that chance we always dreamed of – to realise the stories of our imagination in a wildly productive way.

The AI art community is vibrant and resourceful. Procrastination is a gone.

Every day is something new – & I can't wait to see what's next.

& Make More Videos About AI

As well as telling video stories with AI art tools, I also adore documenting the process of discovery with AI

I'm already working with one AI art startup to create tutorial content for fellow enthusiasts.

& I'm documenting my own process for fun.

I'd love to work with more AI entrepreneurs to make fun content that explores their tools for new users.

I'm also excited to make my own videos to give something back to the AI community.


Live the Questions

I have no idea what's next in the crazy, exponential world – but I'm grateful to be here. 

How this revolution turns out depends on what we bring to it.

Kevin Kelly says it's up to each person to wrangle with technology in order to make it more convivial, more compatible with the flourishing of life.

I'm down for that.

Let's live these big questions – & see where they take us.

Whatchu Working On?

Thanks for reading my story!  πŸ«Ά 

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Maybe we'll collaborate at some point?  πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ πŸŽ‰ Message below if you wanna say hi.

Fyi here's some raw experiments I'm working on:

  • shop (for creator/AI merch possibly)
  • Some affiliate links of my fave gear for artists & writers (I use this page for social β€˜links in bio’)
  • Video page getting built
  • Will blog more experiments as I go!

What about you??


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