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How does it feel when you sit down to write, art or entrepreneur? Is there a battle with procrastination & distraction? I share stories, tactics & insights to help you fight Resistance, level-up creative power, get flow back in your life & become the full-time indie creator you're meant to be. Let's do this!

How does it feel when you sit down to write, art or entrepreneur? Is there a battle with procrastination & distraction? I share stories, tactics & insights to help you fight Resistance, level-up creative power, feel good in your work, & get more flow back in your life. Let's do this!

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About Anna.

I'm a freelance content creator based out of Derry, Northern Ireland. Folks pay me for web design, video, photography, writing & illustration  ← but it's those last 2 I love the most!  πŸ’–

I trained in flow science & peak performance at the Flow Research Collective. & mentored students on the Building a Second Brain course (for digital productivity).

In 2020, I cofounded EdTech startup PracticeNow with some friends (but it didn't work out πŸ˜…). Before that, I won The Thinking Woman's Writing Award in 2018. And nabbed the NUS Green Impact Environmental Hero Award twice. 

But honestly, that's just the surface BS that goes on Instagram! 

Underneath the 1st class Writing degree & a couple accolades... beats the filthy, rotten heart of a procrastinator.  πŸ˜†


I'm Inconsistent.

Sure, I've shipped work for freelance clients. On spec. On time. But I've also done my share of dire McJobs (cleaner, admin, call centre agent).

And when it comes to shipping indie projects of my heart's desire?

I drop the ball. I don't show up for myself.

And for so many of my creative friends, I hear the same story. Somehow, our indie art that matters most to us β€” gets left till last!

What's that about?!

Why is it easier to design a client website (or take a crappy job) than write that sci-fi novel, or build the NFT collection of our dreams?

Honestly, I think this question - of how to reconcile our deepest dreams with waking life - is the one that matters most of all!

My Future Sci-Fi Novel (the Book Cover)? Made with Midjourney AI.

I Don't Have Answers.

But I do have a plan for the next 6 months. A way to live the questions.

And it's working.  πŸ’ͺ

I'm getting up at 5am to write (on my typewriter, in the dark πŸ˜‚).

I've got systems now that let me know I'm on track, even when I feel 1000 miles from my goal.

And what is the goal? To become a full-time indie creator in '23. No more corporate. No more McJobs. 

Serve my people - fellow creators & stans - not my clients in the business realm. Finally make my living from the art that fires my soul.  πŸŽ‰

It's audacious. Since the reasonable route's more like 10 years to pay your dues!

But I figure I've paid a due or two already (#freelancing). & I hope the absurd narrative of it, the πŸ”₯ that comes from stating a public challenge, is gonna be part of the force that drives me on.

My Future Fantasy Novel (the Book Cover)? Made with Midjourney AI.


Flow Skills

Flow's that state where the world disappears & you get totally sucked-in to creative process. Hyper-focussed. Engaged from that deeper place in the mind where ideas & dreams come from

But there's nothing dreamy about the discipline you need to access flow. It’s intense

When I trained with Flow Research Collective, I felt the power of it. 

You generate a tapestry of goals worth fighting for. A purpose to rise to. You break it down into doable tasks. And you build a workflow round those tasks such that - when you get things right - time stops, ego vanishes and you get immersed in your art.

It's the high that makes every drop of sweat worthwhile.

You know the feeling. It’s how you got into creativity, right?   πŸ˜‰

We've all been there. It's the glory of creative process at its best. And creators who master their craft long-haul know how to get back there. Again & again.

My theory is: Mastering the discipline to enter flow state on command will be my ticket to full-time indie creatorhood in '23.

Why? Because Flow is πŸ“ˆWildly Productive.

Probably because it’s enlivening & addicting enough that it makes your typical Netflix distractions look like dirt.

Instead of longing for escapism in sci-fi-fantasy adventure TV, when I get my motivations properly stacked, I crave the thrill of my own creative project.

I want to write the adventure story - more than I want to watch or read it. 

Because creation is the true adventure.

Characters in tales enter magical worlds, they quest, face challenges, shed their lesser selves for something greater.

But that's what flow is for us, I think. For creatives. It's what happens when we bring our dreams down to Earth & get some narrative traction going in our real lives.


Live the Questions

After 'How to survive?', I think the big question in life becomes:

'How to be of service to others while serving the deepest motivation within oneself?'

And for creatives, for us that turns out to be the same as asking:

'How to be generous with our gift?'

Or 'How to serve an audience & do our most honest creative work?' That work that's deep down inside us whispering to be made. So deep & so subtle we're maybe a little scared to heed it.

How do we live up to that? How do we make it so undeniable in expression that we both satisfy our soul & satisfy our people ie. get paid?

I figure, these are the questions to live by if we wanna go indie creative full-time

Whatchu Working On?

So I'll be making TikToks, blogging, writing & drawing my answers to these questions. Thanks for reading my story so far!  πŸ«Ά 

If you want more, join the newsletter to learn about flow, service & getting paid for indie creatorhood. I'll share what works & fails, so you can get there faster, with clarity, strategy & power!

& maybe we'll reach our potential together? πŸ“ˆ πŸ’ͺ πŸŽ‰ Message me below if you wanna say hi.

Fyi here's some monetisation experiments I'm working on:

  • shop (for creator merch)
  • Some affiliate links of my fave gear for artists & writers (I use this page for social β€˜links in bio’)
  • Will blog experiments as I go!

& what about you??

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