Let's Make Your Future Book into Something Bloody Brilliant

For authors & wannabes ready to max-out the whole publishing workflow from lush design  πŸŽ¨ to #booktok marketing trailers  πŸŽ₯ to obsessive rewrites  πŸ€“ & getting on the Amazon bestseller list.  πŸ“ˆ What is the future of excellence with the longform written word??
Let's find out! Let's make books with impact!  πŸŒŠ

For authors & wannabes ready to max-out the whole publishing workflow from lush design  πŸŽ¨ to #booktok marketing trailers  πŸŽ₯ to obsessive rewrites  πŸ€“ & getting on the Amazon bestseller list.  πŸ“ˆ What is the future of excellence with the longform written word??
Let's find out! Let's make books with impact!  πŸŒŠ

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About Anna.

I'm a freelance writer, editor & multi-media creator based in Derry, Northern Ireland. Folks pay me for everything from videography & illustration to ghostwriting & storytelling  ← It's that last one I love the most!  πŸ’–

In '23, I combined my powers into one service & created the Bestselling Booklaunch Gameplan. I get to edit manuscripts, enhance them, illustrate if needs be, design the cover & create the kickass videos to promote the book launch.  πŸ˜Ž

Before that, I trained in peak performance at the Flow Research Collective – & mentored students on the Building a Second Brain course (for digital productivity).

In 2020, I cofounded EdTech startup PracticeNow with some friends (but it didn't work out πŸ˜…).

In 2018, I won The Thinking Woman's Writing Award – & started my freelance business.

But honestly, all that's just the surface BS that goes on Instagram! 

Underneath my 1st class creative writing degree & a couple accolades, beats the filthy, rotten heart of a procrastinator.  πŸ˜†


I'm Inconsistent.

Sure, I ship work for freelance clients. On spec. On time. Overdelivering, with a touch of flair, at every turn.  πŸ˜Ž ✨

But if I'm honest, I've also done my share of dire McJobs (cleaner, admin, call centre agent). Killing time to make ends meet. ⏳

And when it comes to shipping non-commercial projects of my heart's desire?

I drop the ball. I don't show up for myself.

And for so many of my ambitious friends, I hear the same story. Somehow, our secret art that matters most to us β€” gets left till last!

What's that about?!

Why is it easier to design a client website (or take a crappy job) than write that nonfiction book we have inside us, or publish the novel of our dreams?

Honestly, I think this question - of how to reconcile our deepest dreams with waking life - is the one that matters most of all!

My Future Sci-Fi Novel (the Book Cover)? Made with Midjourney AI.

I Don't Have Answers.

But I do have a plan. A way to live the questions. & it's working.πŸ’ͺ

I wake at 5am to write in bed. Keyboard clacking away in the dark. I get into flow state before my procrastinatey brain can wake enough to raise objections.  πŸ˜‰

I quit sh*t jobs to write full-time & make these books. By ghostwriting & editing other authors' books, I work up to writing my own.

As I design & publish the most beautiful covers I can conceive of, I get ready to publish my own. 

By devising social media campaigns to promote author books, I see the way to make my own.

I bring the two worlds together. The world of make-ends-meet and the world of live-that-dream. They are slowly braiding into one.

And I'm enjoying myself.  πŸ˜„

So what's next??

My Future Fantasy Novel (the Book Cover)? Made with Midjourney AI.


Bring Author Stories to Life

Using my understanding of creative flow states, I'm fit for long hours of focused work

In the wee early hours right up till noon, I do my writing & designing.

In the afternoons, I wanna bring my clients' books to life with AI-enhanced marketing videos that capture the imagination & broadcast stories to the world. 

The great challenge to every creator has always been finding time for our most meaningful work.

But, with AI-enhanced workflows, we have that chance we always dreamed of – to animate the stories of our imagination in a wildly productive way.

Procrastination is a goner.  

The AI art community is vibrant & resourceful. Every day something new appears – & I can't wait to see what's next.

& Make More Videos About Indie Book Publishing & AI-enhanced Story Art

As well as my book publishing service (editing, designing, marketing, the works), I'm also working on free content for my newsletter.

So, if you want to be part of the future of beautiful physical books, ebooks & video trailers, enhanced by the AI magic, definitely jump on board!  πŸ˜Š πŸ“š ✨


Live the Questions

I have no idea what's next in this crazy, exponential world – but I'm grateful to be here. 

It's possible we landed here for a reason & each of us has something we came here to do – or maybe that's just what it feels like.  πŸ˜…

But that feeling is something we can follow. Edge away from confusion, from self-deception. Navigate towards calling. 

Try to circumambulate more closely towards what it feels like we're here to do.

If books & storytelling are part of that, for you, maybe I can assist.

Let's see where our questions take us.   πŸš€

How Can I Help?

Thanks for reading my story!  πŸ«Ά 

If you're passionate about publishling a gorgeous book, join the newsletter for free guides.

If you're struggling to finish (or even start) your book, message me below. Maybe I can advise.

Ask a question or just say hi.

Fyi here's some raw experiments I'm working on:

  • shop (for creator/AI merch possibly)
  • Some affiliate links of my fave gear for artists & writers (I use this page for social β€˜links in bio’)
  • Video page in the works
  • Will blog more experiments as I go!

What about you??

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